2 year old fawn brindle lurcher/whippet bitch.

2 year old fawn brindle lurcher/whippet bitch.
City: Cwmbran
Last visit: 20 Mar 2014
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Posted: 20 Mar 2014


bella will be 2 years old on 24th march. she is up to date on all vet checks and is spayed. she is a loving caring quiet bitch. she loves cuddles and running, playing chase and tug of war. she is so gentle and loving. my toddler is her best friend and she is my everything. im heartbroken writing this ad but she doesnt like being alone and im out most of the time which has led to her hurting herself trying to get out after me. she needs a home where there would be people or another dog home alot of the time. somewhere she can run and a place she is safe. her parents are award winning show dogs and she is an amazing dog. im going to hate myself for a very long time getting her a new home but i do not have the time to give her the attention she needs and is heartbreaking to think she might do herslef some damage is shes trying to get out when im not home. she will come with everything, she sleeps in a cage as since a pup its been her little place to get away from my energentic toddler. she comes with the cage, beds, blankets, leads, collars, food, treats everything, she even has her own christmas stocking and halloween outfit! she loves having a fuss made of her! she is microchipped so you will need to register her with your local vet and get themm to change the address details. (this should be free) i want her to have the perfect home, id like to keep in contact so i can have emailed pics of her just for peace of mind that ive done the right thing. shes my perfect little girl and i adore her greatly but i must find her someone who can look after her properly. welcome to meet her before you take her home!

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